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Let’s face it.  A lot of people are budget-crunching and coupon-clipping in this tough economy so I am looking for ways to save money on a daily basis too.  Here are a few tips that I hope you will find useful.

1) Cut down on Starbucks.  For major coffee addicts out there, Starbucks is planning to introduce their $1 coffee cup in response to our weak economy this year.   However, if you cut down $1 each day, you could save $30 per month adding up to $360 per year.  This means a brand new outfit to ace that job interview!

2) Do-It-Yourself-Beauty Products.  People spend so much money at nail salons.  It’s crazy.  There are so many affordable alternatives out there.  While I was watching the YouTube video of Vanessa Hudgens at the Oscars (see below), the stylist Philip Bloch mentioned Nailene to get Vanessa’s look so  I checked the brand out.  Look at this model promoting their new So Real on their website.  Who is she?  I love their French manicure stuff – so cute! 


Oh, for shine control and clear pores, I really like Biore’s products.  They’re soo affordable.  My favorites:  Biore Shine Control Clay Mask and Deep Cleansing Pore Strips. 



3) Eat out less.  Not only do you save money but also shed pounds.  Invite friends over for dinner and organize a potluck instead.  If you do go out, order smaller portions and try the kids meals – it’s equally tasty!

4) Look for online deals.  You pretty much can Google the things you like on the internet.  Always check the parent website of the product to make sure that the coupon is valid.

5) Unplug electronics.  We are so wired these days.  It helps to reduce the number of plugins in your house.  This adds up in your utility bill.

6) Buy in bulk.  Costco is really the haven for this.  I know … it gets crazy there but it helps to stock up on things you use on a daily basis.  If this is too much, meet up with friends and split the cost of the bulk items.  I heard the wives in Japan do this as an outing!

7) Date within your budget but be creative.  You don’t need to fork out the cash to have a good time on a date.  With the right person, you can enjoy a simple romantic picnic at a nearby trail, beach or park.  Sunrise or sunset is clearly up to you!



I purchased my usual facial cleanser, Johnson & Johnson Purpose, and found something strange on the bottle: “Allure The Beauty Expert 2007 –  Editors’ Choice Award”.  My first reaction was “Ugh…2007…is this expired?”  Why did J & J add that for?  We’re in 2009.  It’s so odd.  As a consumer of this product for many many years, this threw me off!  The product performs as promised – it’s REALLY gentle and soap-free.  Plus it’s totally affordable.


You know who really takes care of her skin?  Jennifer Aniston.   Botox or not, she knows how to take care of herself at age 40!  But she needs to let go of John Mayer.  I’m sure there is someone more suitable for her.  Latest update: they split again.  jennifer_aniston

I can’t get enough of this British lad, Robert Pattinson.  He is so hot and dorky!!  It totally kills me to hear that Paris Hilton was trying to get her claws into him at the Oscar after party.  Ew!!  But he actually escaped in time so that he could catch a flight to Tokyo to promote Twilight I think.  I just needed to write about this because I am hoping that he has a better taste in women!  I can’t wait to find out who she could be?!  Any guesses?  I doubt the rumor about him and Kristen Stewart is true … sorry Twilight fans!